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009. Working On Your Own Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about their experience working on their own and staying sane. They give tips on knowing if you are the right fit, how to be prepared financially, how to stay organizing, and maintain a reasonable revenue as freelancer or business owner.

008. Travel Tips Episode

In this episode, Erik Gillespie and Leo Dion give some travel recommendations depending on your situation. Whether you are looking to budget travel on a family vacation or its business travel to a conference, this episode has some great tips on being a great tip planner.

007. List #2 – Top Apps Episode

In the second part of our episode, Leo goes over the productivity apps he uses for time tracking, scheduling, todo lists, reminders, and note-taking.

006. List #1 – Top Disciplines Episode

In the first of a two-part episode, Erik discusses his list of top disciplines which have helped him the most.

005. Quick Decision Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik discuss how to make decisions quickly and what are the factors which help making the right decision.

004. The Power of Habit Book Club Episode

In this episode, we review The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

003. Goals and Actions Episode

In this episode, we expand on goals and resolutions and Leo’s thoughts on how to get there. Erik talks about his motivations for reaching goals. And lastly, we have a homework assignment for our audience.

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