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036. When to Quit

We're putting the show on hiatus, so how did we make the decision and what have we learned?

035. Year in Review, 2019

Some reflection on our OK 2019 and a glimpse at 2020

034. Crafting a Great Email, with Laura Lopuch

Laura Lopuch shares how to craft a great email and get the responses you want.

033. Writing to Stand Out, with Sophia Dagnon

Positioning yourself and your product to stand out in the market

032. Flash Fiction with Allison Spooner

Author Allison Spooner shares tips and tools to complete your writing

031. Clear your Calendar! with Justin Jackson

Clearing your calendar can boost productivity, from the co-founder of Transistor.fm

030. Neuroplasticity with Tim Mitra

Tim Mitra shares simple approaches for learning at any age

029. Public Speaking

Simple tips to become a better public speaker

028. Event Planning with Jessica D'Amico

Tips for planning events and building communities, from the organizer of PeersConf

027. Productive Creativity with Pete Sena

Growing creative skills, with the founder of Digital Surgeons

026. Morning Momentum - The Post-Sleepy Episode

Erik and Leo revisit sleep habits and how to build momentum for the day

025. Productive Podcasting

This is how we make a podcast that doesn’t require every ounce of our attention.

024. Mid-Year Grab Bag and Review

We're halfway through 2019, so Erik and Leo follow up on goals and habits they've set for the year.

023. 3 Hat Productivity with Christian Genco

Christian Genco explains how splitting work into three responsibilities helps him avoid distractions and get more done.

022. Journaling with Will Gant

Erik and Leo talk with Will Gant from the Complete Developer Podcast about journaling and how it helps with his productivity and progress.

021. Staying Organized with Idea Management

Erik and Leo talk to Jonathan Baillie Strong of ComDev Media about organizing ideas, talks, emails, and more.

020. Multitasking

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about multitasking, how to avoid it and keep attention.

019. The Optimization Trap

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about avoiding optimization and having a goal in mind to optimize.

018. Atomic Habits by James Clear - Part 2

Part 2 of 2. We review Atomic Habits by James Clear

017. Atomic Habits by James Clear - Part 1

Part 1 of 2. We review Atomic Habits by James Clear

016. Productivity Apps Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about some of their favorite productivity tools and apps.

015. The One Thing Episode

Leo and Erik talk about the one big thing above all else that has had the biggest positive impact on their productivity.

014. Project Breakdown Episode

Leo and Erik talk about how to break down large projects into smaller tasks: how to know your limitations, how to whittle away into small tasks, how to schedule and pr...

013. Productive Parenting Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about how to be a productive parent, and not just being productive with your kid, but also how to get the business work done while p...

012. Saying No Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about when to say no to new projects and helping others. We talk about having healthy boundaries and avoid taking on too many respon...

011. Year in Review Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about Year-in-Reviews how they do them, what challenges they face, and how their 2018 went. Music by Murkok from Fugue.

010. Dealing with Time Wasters Episode

While Leo deals with a cold (excuse his voice), Erik explains time wasters, how to find them, and how to avoid them.

009. Working On Your Own Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about their experience working on their own and staying sane. They give tips on knowing if you are the right fit, how to be prepared...

008. Travel Tips Episode

In this episode, Erik Gillespie and Leo Dion give some travel recommendations depending on your situation. Whether you are looking to budget travel on a family vacatio...

007. List #2 – Top Apps Episode

In the second part of our episode, Leo goes over the productivity apps he uses for time tracking, scheduling, todo lists, reminders, and note-taking.

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