029. Public Speaking

Simple tips to become a better public speaker
In this episode
  • The value in public speaking for you and your audience
  • How to understand your audience by researching the conference
  • Different ways to organize a talk: story-telling, LEGO instructions, fireside chat, speed dating, and more
  • How to handle interruptions and questions
  • Following up with your audience after your talk
  • Tips for promoting yourself and your work without giving a sales pitch
  • Practice: it smooths out the wrinkles and lets your confidence shine
  • Different ways to practice your talk before the big event
  • Use simple slides, don't switch apps, use a clicker, more words, fewer pictures, use notes
  • Observe your body language, tone, pace, and filler words
  • How to turn your nervousness into confidence and excitement
  • Get extra practice at Toastmasters, meetups, and lunch-and-learns, but remember to get feedback
  • Figure out what to speak about by considering past conference topics, your own expertise, whatever excites you, and where you want to grow
  • How to find speaking gigs and tips for getting accepted to speak
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