034. Crafting a Great Email, with Laura Lopuch

Laura Lopuch shares how to craft a great email and get the responses you want.
  • Laura's first email tip: write so the recipient will imagine how their life could be
  • How to discover a love of email as a paralegal
  • Realizing skills, eight years later
  • The benefits of setting weekly email goals
  • Treat email correspondence as a journey
  • Wait 2 to 3 business days before the first followup
  • Two types of cold email: making a pitch and making a connection
Anatomy of a Cold Email
  • Where are people with your problem going to talk about their problem?  
  • Explain why you chose the recipient over everyone else
  • Start a close relationship with your contact and compliment them
  • Prove a hypothesis, they should agree with each statement you make
  • All of those small yesses lead toward a yes on the big ask
  • Avoid exit language
  • Avoid asking for more than one thing
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