013. Productive Parenting Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about how to be a productive parent, and not just being productive with your kid, but also how to get the business work done while parenting. What does it mean to be a productive parent or to be productive while parenting? How do you include your kids in your work while also maintaining good boundaries? And how do you get big tasks done when your time is being divided by work and your little ones?
Adjust your definition of "productive"
  • Raising and loving children is productive
  • Don’t over strain yourself
  • Your priorities change once you have kids, too, and sometimes it's difficult to imagine just how much the little ones can change your world for the better
  • Try this: research how much it would cost to hire someone to do a home-related task for you vs. doing it yourself
Include your children and establish boundaries
  • Sleep when they sleep
  • The YMCA has great childcare options
  • Have a room for work as a physical boundary between working on your business and working with your kids
  • Have a support network for help: daycare, babysitter, relatives, friends with kids, and so on
  • Teach your child (as early as 3-4) to play independently and be safe — they'll carry this with them into adulthood
Break down large projects
  • Small, manageable goals are good in general
  • Small, achievable tasks are especially good when the kids are home
  • Use timers to allocate "me time" and "us time"
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