011. Year in Review Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about Year-in-Reviews how they do them, what challenges they face, and how their 2018 went. Music by Murkok from Fugue.

Covered in this episode

  • New Years Resolutions vs Year in Review
  • The importance of reflection and guidance
  • How a Year in Review helps give direction and addresses changes you should make
  • How to deal with the unexpected throughout the years
  • How to address new opportunities
  • How do you measure results and asses your goals
  • How do you cope and adjust for changes
  • Be Honest and Forthright - Lying to Yourself Only Hurts You
  • Understand What You Want Out Of It
  • Get Feedback or Outside Perspective from Others

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Year In Review


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Music by Murkok from Fugue
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