033. Writing to Stand Out, with Sophia Dagnon

Positioning yourself and your product to stand out in the market
Getting your foot in the door
  • Sophia's specialty and how she got there from archaeology
  • How UpWork led to better pay in writing
  • Dealing with the lack of comfort
  • An approach to desiring income without being sleazy
  • Making transactions mutually beneficial
  • People don’t buy stuff, they buy solutions to problems
  • How does your customer think about the solutions to their problems?
  • How to ask the right questions to better understand your customer
  • Improving pitches by trying different things
How to reach your customers
  • The platforms with the lowest barriers or are easiest to self-promote
  • Copy Hackers (Joanna Web sp.?)
  • Researching, writing a lot, and sharing content where it will be read
  • Understanding your reader’s familiarity and how informed they are
  • Knowing what it will take for a reader to take action (lots of specific tips here!)
  • Focus on and measure one action that you want your readers to take
Tips for getting started
Where to find Sophia Dagnon
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