030. Neuroplasticity with Tim Mitra

Tim Mitra shares simple approaches for learning at any age
Where to find Tim Mitra online
  • Why should we keep learning?
  • Neuroplasticity in simple terms
  • The advantage of learning in 45-minute spurts
  • Compound learning:
    1. Short-term memories
    2. Long-term memories through repetition
    3. Micro-skill development (building functions in the brain)
  • Breaks help move memories from one level to the next
  • Use communication to reinforce learning
    • Explain and seek confirmation
    • The rubber ducking technique
    • Using emoji to punctuate words with emotion
    • What the ~ at the end of a Tweet or text means
  • Applying learning concepts to unlearning
    • The amygdala typically makes statements
    • The neocortex typically asks questions
    • Self-monitor and ask yourself questions to consciously replace habits
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