016. Productivity Apps Episode

In this episode, Leo and Erik talk about some of their favorite productivity tools and apps.


Apps Reviewed

  • Alfred - a fast and powerful command center/assistant on Apple products 
Security and Privacy
  • AdGuard - a really good way to block unwanted ads
  • Encrypt.me - a simple, reliable, and secure VPN
  • Adblock Plus - another great browser extension for blocking all the ads
  • Avast - really good antivirus and web protect that runs on Macs and Windows
  • KeePass - a file system for managing your passwords that is free and open source
  • KeePass Tusk - a browser extension on Firefox and Chrome for auto-filling KeePass usernames and passwords
Cloud Storage
  • Dropbox - securely sync files across all your computers
  • GDrive - Google's place for creating and sharing files online and on your computer
  • Adobe Creative Cloud - powerful tools for creating media
  • Apple iCloud - store your photos and files easily from Apple devices
Notes and Tasks
  • Bear - a focused writing app for Apple devices
  • Todoist - an online todo list and task manager
  • Google Docs - Google's tool for creating and editing online documents
  • Grammarly - an online tool for checking your spelling and grammar
  • Skyfonts - an easy way to search for and install fonts
  • DND Me - do not disturb me. really, go away
  • Rocket - a Mac app that makes it easy to add emoji wherever you're typing

Big Announcement - Reviewing Atomic Habit By James Clear in the next episode

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