021. Staying Organized with Idea Management

Erik and Leo talk to Jonathan Baillie Strong of ComDev Media about organizing ideas, talks, emails, and more.
  • A little about Jonathan Baillie Strong and how he met Leo
  • Jonathan's best practices for attending a conference
  • Jonathan's daily work
Inbox management
  • How Jonathan got interested in inbox management
  • His general system for inbox management and how it relates to GTD
  • How often Jonathan grooms his inbox
  • The most obvious benefits to his inbox management approach
  • Where does Jonathan put his ideas
  • His system for keeping them organized
  • How often you should revisit ideas and explore them more deeply
  • How to consider which ideas are worth pursuing further, which should get tossed, and which need to sit for a while longer
The One-Touch approach
  • Basic concepts:
    • Touch each email only once
    • When you touch an email, do one of the following:
      • Send it to your calendar
      • Create a to-do task
      • Make a note of the idea
      • Put it in a Read It Later app
  • Keeping email in your inbox is like looking at mail and putting it back in your mailbox
  • How to decide where to send an idea
  • Ideas to keep evolving your own idea management system
Jonathan's app recommendations
More apps and related links
Where to find Jonathan Baillie Strong
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