022. Journaling with Will Gant

Erik and Leo talk with Will Gant from the Complete Developer Podcast about journaling and how it helps with his productivity and progress.
  • Will Gant is a co-host of the Complete Developer Podcast
  • How Will and Leo met 
  • Will's lightning talk at MicroConf
What's in Will's journal
  • Will's familial history of journaling
  • Unknown stresses as the impetus to start journaling
  • Will's original journal was a spreadsheet that covered anything happening during the day that bugged him, taking roughly 20 minutes per day to write
  • Switching to monthly journaling helped Will focus on opportunities instead of the bad stuff and takes about 10 minutes to write
  • Other ways Will's approach to journaling has changed over the years
  • Journaling well after something happens helps separate the act from the emotional state
  • Journaling is also a great way to track things that are tough to remember
  • Will's is an advocate and regular user of float/sensory-deprivation tanks for meditation
  • Bonus lifehack: Rethink your internal calendar to start each year on April 1st, after winter and taxes
Keeping life organized with journaling
  • How Will uses journaling and KanbanFlow to keep track of upcoming tasks
  • Journaling can take many forms: a food diary, a workout journal, daily insights, monthly reflections, etc.
Tips to start journaling
  • Pick a time period (daily, weekly, etc.)
  • Write only what you remember
  • Make a note of the emotions that you remember as well
  • Keep it simple and easy: use paper or a plain text file
  • After writing a new entry, revisit a few past entries
  • Keep each entry short
  • Don't out-write your previous entry
  • Write only for yourself, be blunt
Effecting change with journaling
  • Writing actions and (separately) your emotions is great for personal growth, especially for kids
  • A food diary is an easy way to observe and adjust what's going in your body
  • Write down repeating chores so you remember to do them and how to do them
  • Keeping track of multi-step tasks is tough in simple journaling and to-do systems
  • Nothing beats a text document when recording lots of details
  • Recipes are some of the oldest types of journal entries
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