024. Mid-Year Grab Bag and Review

We're halfway through 2019, so Erik and Leo follow up on goals and habits they've set for the year.
  • Any active desktop issues with Endgame?
  • The unexpected is so memorable, even for simple things like going to the movies
Sleep, habits, and apps
  • How we've been sleeping
  • What we've tried from Atomic Habits
  • What we're using besides Google Inbox
  • New parenting tips
Erik’s year (so far)
  • Health is going the best of all categories, it's where he has the most control
  • How do you give your kid challenges without breaking down their self-esteem?
  • Staying in touch with friends that live far away
  • How to stay in touch with hundreds of people, according to Derek Sivers
Leo's year (so far)
  • Failed at Main Goal but very successful in others
  • Trying to learn to delegate more
  • Saying no to a lot, but saying yes when he can
  • Struggling with the organization of tasks and delegation
Ideas for future topics
  • What are some topics we could dig a little deeper on or new topics we haven’t covered yet?
    • Book reviews
    • Small experiments (trying apps, habits, etc.)
    • Small, actionable tips (2-minute episodes between the longer episodes)
    • Managing emotions
    • Productive advocacy
    • Productive learning
  • Send us ideas or ask for more at:
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